Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Step by Step guide, part 3; Painting (ii)

As something of a post-script to part 2 of the step by step guides here is a photographic walk through of the wash technique with two more lovely Pro Gloria Miniatures / Warlord Games Landsknechts.

1. Shade Colours

2. Shade Colour re-application after wash

3. Mid-tone

4. Final Highlights - painting complete

The halberds were quite a tight fit with these two figures so I decided to fix them at stage 2 so as not to risk any scraping at the end (when I'd normally attach them).

Because of this I applied the flesh wash to the figures' faces after stage 1 then fully painted the faces to completion as it may have been a bit fiddly with a halberd in the way.

Incidentally, I do occasionally paint flesh to completion at this stage as I find it gives the figure an early focus.



  1. Stuart,
    I am being a bit cheeky here, but plagiarism is a form of flattery.
    I am intrigued how you paint your faces.
    It is a lovely technique, and gives the figure more life. Is it possible in the future if you could detail how you do them.
    Not that I would copy the technique at all.
    Thanks Robbie.

    1. Hi Robbie, Yep no problem at all - good idea, i'll rustle something up over Easter for you - watch this space.